1. The races will be flown 150, 200 and 300 miles to one loft. Loft manager has the right to increase or decrease the distance due to weather.
  2. This race is for out of area participants ONLY. No local flyers and or family members will be permitted to enter birds.
  3. All birds will be quarantined upon arrival. They will be vaccinated for PMV and computer chipped.
  4. All Birds belong to the breeder/owner of entry. No buy-backs or auctions.
  5. Must be 21 years old to enter.
  6. Perch fees are $125.00 per bird, 5 or more birds the perch fee is $100.00. All perch fees MUST accompany birds or be sent prior to arrival. Prepaid perch fees insure your perch reservations. We are taking only 500 birds.
  7. Entry fee for the race is $400.00 per bird. Entry fees are due within 7 days of the 100 mile activation toss. No exceptions.
  8. To maintain eligibility, all birds MUST be activated and all fees paid on or before the due date.
  9. Any entry fee paid for a bird that is lost before the 150 mile race will be refunded 100%.
  10. Any remaining birds with unpaid entry fees become property of Sin City Classic and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Buyer retains ownership of the bird.
  11. A completed IRS (W-9 Form) will be required prior to awarding any prizes valued at $600.00 or more. Such awards will reported as required by IRS regulations.
  12. All birds must be retrieved within 14 days of the final race. Any remaining birds will become property of the Sin City Classic. Shipping fees by USPS are $60.00 per 3 bird box. Each additional bird is $10.00.
  13. Live clocking by Wincompanion.
  14. Sin City Classic reserves the right to refuse any entry or participant to the race.
  15. Loft manager reserves the right to make all final decisions.
  16. A financial statement for the race prizes will be provided.
  17. Race dates are subject to change ,due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather.
  18. Average speed is paid by the clocking position. Computed on : Total Distance/ Total Time.
  19. There is a Time Out for darkness- 30 minutes after sundown and 30 minutes before sunrise.
  20. If a bird does not clock due to : piggy back, clock, or a chip malfunction, and the Sin City Classic is able to verify that the bird is in that drop, then that bird will be placed last in that drop or trapping order.
  21. The final race will remain open for 2 additional days if no bird is home by the end of the 1st day. If no bird is home by the end of the 3rd day, all prize monies will be refunded minus 15% for race day expenses.
  22. Accepting birds April 1st – June 30th 2016
  23. Lost or injured birds may be replaced by July 31st 2016

Will Fonte is the Loft Manager / Owner
Make checks payable to Sin City Classic